Why I’ve Stopped Reviewing Shadowhunters

mv5bntm4mdcxmta5nl5bml5banbnxkftztgwmju5mje4mdi-_v1_uy268_cr90182268_al_A few days ago, I decided to stop filming reviews for Shadowhunters. Honestly, I hate the show. It’s exhausting. I spend and hour watching the show live and taking notes. Then I have to waste another hour watching the show again and taking notes on anything that I might have missed the first time I watched it. Next, I have to film for  30 minutes and then spend an hour editing the video. The one part that I’m not a fan of is filming my review. I’ll  say it again. I hate the show. When I film my review I have to make it seem like I don’t hate it or else I ‘ll get hate for it. I say that there have been improvements in the show because I think that that’s what everyone else wants to hear. Truth is, I don’t see any improvements in the show. At all.  I think that it’s gotten worse.  The show does go by the book series at all.

They’re pulling elements from all the other books in the series. The worse part is that they don’t explain anything. They’re also trying to incorporate The Infernal Devices into the show which is upsetting, to be honest. The Infernal Devices is 100 times better than The Mortal Instruments. If Freeform tries to adapt TID, it’s going to be disappointing because they already have one failed adaptation under their belt. I’m rambling. Let me move on.

I was going to wait until season 2a was finished to stop reviewing, but the thought of having to go through the whole process of reviewing it is exhausting. The only reason why I was reviewing the show was so that I had something to put up on my channel. I love The Mortal Instruments. I do. It’s one of my favorite book series. I watched the first season of Shadowhunters and didn’t like it, but felt obligated to watch it. Same with season 2.  Nothing good is coming from me reviewing a show that I don’t like. There’s so much more that I can do for my channel and reviewing Shadowhunters is holding me back.


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