Legend of Mulan

504852f4be1bc12c61ec76056a2310e5Yesterday on Twiter, someone I follow retweeted something from Angry Asian Man. He tweeted out an open letter to the creators of  the live-action of Mulan, The Legend Of Mulan. This is set to come out in the winter of 2018. A director hasn’t even been announced yet and I can already tell that this movie is going to be a giant shit-show.

I read the Angry Asian’s letter and I was livid to read the description of the movie.“A white merchant’s business brings him to the heart of a legendary Asian conflict — he unwittingly helps save the day while winning the heart of the Asian female.” Umm…..that’s not Mulan. Let’s compare to the original. From IMDB, “To save her father from death in the army, a young maiden secretly goes in his place and becomes one of China’s greatest heroines in the process.” See. That’s more like it.

Because this guy is from Europe, I suspect that the the male lead is going to white. 🙃 Why? Please, tell me why they thought that it was okay to not only change, I’m sorry, to erase the original story, but to change the race of the male lead.  Disney promises to make the male lead Asian, but I wouldn’t take that to heart.



The screenwriters for this train wreck, movie, are Lauren Hynek and Amanda Silver. According to IMDB, Sliver is currently co-writing the screenplay for Avatar 2 and 3. She also co-wrote the screenplay for Rise and Dawn of the Planet of the Ape and Jurassic World. 🙃 To put it lightly, those movies weren’t that great.

Mulan never needed a man to come and save her. She was perfectly capable of protecting herself and saving the whole damn country. To be honest, we shouldn’t really be surprised that this is happening. Right when it’s time to make a movie about a princess who is not white, Hollywood decides to fuck it up. Did Cinderella change?? Not this much. Is Beauty and the Beast changing? No. Not at all. Beauty and the Beast is actually sticking to the original story. Well, the Disney version anyway.  When it comes to Mulan, God forbid we have a live-action movie with an Asian woman as the lead not only breaking gender rules, but is also independent and a total badass.


By doing this new story, they are making Mulan weak. They are making her the damsel in distress and lo and behold, the white male, (Disney promises an Asian male lead 😒) will swoop in and save the day.

You can probably  predict a hell of a lot of whitewashing in this movie. This is not Mulan at all. This is the white man’s version of Mulan and it’s fucked up. Get your shit together Disney and #MakeMulanRight.


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