Why I’m Over Pretty Little Liars

Pll-season-7-posterWhen I was in 8th grade, I started to read the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard. At the time, I really enjoyed the series and I had read 10 of the books. I was excited when I found out that it was going to be a TV show on abcFamily.

At first, I enjoyed the show, but as it went on, I didn’t really like it anymore.  abcFamily was not following the book. They were doing whatever the fuck they wanted. They had changed EVERYTHING and it seems like people only liked the show because they liked what the characters were wearing.  I gave up on reading the series because the author kept on dragging the series out and finally stopped at book 14. At least I hope that book 14 is the last book in the series.  At the time I felt obligated to finish the series, but after last season, I decided that I was done with the show.

Last season on Pretty Little Liars, we finally found out who A was and I was hoping that the season would end there. Sadly, it didn’t. abcFamily or FreeForm as they like to be called now, decided to give us all another season. With this new season they fast forwarded 10 years after they discovered out who A was. And now A,  someone similar to A, is back. I’ve over this because now it just seems repetitive of the 6 seasons that we’ve had. I’m done. I don’t really care about what happens with Ali or Aria or Emily or Hanna or Spencer. I really don’t and I’m hoping that the show will get cancelled. FreeForm is just dragging this show along.


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  1. Jemima says:

    That’s honestly the problem with most series that are gotten from books.
    Take Vampire Diaries, for instance. I honestly have no idea where they came up with their plot after Season 3. I mostly stuck around for some Delena sexiness and now even that’s gone. Sigh.

    1. CambriaE says:

      I actually stopped watching the Vampire Diaries because Eleana was annoying me. I’m going to start watching the new season when it gets added to Netflix. It was the same with Gossip Girl as well, but I actually like the changes that they made to that show.

      1. Jemima says:

        Oh my gosh! I could not even begin to believe the ending of Gossip Girl?! Where on Earth did they pull that idea out of? It’s so unbelievable it’s ridiculous.
        It’s like they made a list of “People least likely to be Gossip Girl” and they picked the first name on the list. Either that or they threw a dartboard at a wall and just went “Eh.”

      2. CambriaE says:

        I KNOW RIGHT!! I was shocked. I thought it was going to be Jenny or Vanessa. Or maybe even one of Blair’s minions.

      3. Jemima says:

        RIGHT?! Even Blair would have made more sense. I was just like… honestly.
        It’s like… finding out Ezra is A or something.

      4. CambriaE says:

        Oh my god! I remember that episode where everyone thought that Ezra was A and I was filled with so much anger.

      5. Jemima says:

        I. Know. !. It would make no sense at all. Tsk, all these shows and their sensationalism.

  2. Awe, shame. I understand what you mean with dragging it on but I love the show and I still do lol and I’d honestly keep watching it even if they went on 10 seasons

    1. CambriaE says:

      I get why people like the show. It’s entertaining, but what I’m wondering is how much more they can do after 7 seasons. We already know who A is.

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