Where I’ve Been

Hi guys! I’m sorry that I’ve been gone for so long.  I’m at school and for some awful reason, I scheduled to have my classes 5 days a week. Mid-Terms came and went and they were stressing me the fuck out. Plus, all of the days that I’m not in school I am at work. Believe it or not, working in a bookstore isn’t exactly fun. To he honest, it sucks. When I go to work, I go there to help the customers find books or recommend a book. When I go there, the last thing on my mind is to try to sell them something that I don’t believe in when I am a hardcore advocate for Amazon Prime.

Plus, I am getting ready to go to YALLFest. I’ve bought my plane ticket,  books, etc. I cannot wait to go!!! Basically, my life is school, work, and preparing for YALLFest. I haven’t had time to read at all sadly. Hopefully, after I’ve finished my essays and other work for my classes, I can actually sit down and read.


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