Friday Reads 2/28/2014


Walking Disaster By Jamie McGuire

Pushing the Limits

So this weekend I’m going the start two new books and hopefully finish or get halfway through another. The first book I hope to start is Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire. I finished Beautiful Disaster earlier today and bought the eBook to the second one immediately. The next book that I want to start is Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry. I’ve been hearing a lot about this and finally picked it up when I saw the Simone Elkeles blurb on the front, so hopefully, this won’t disappoint. And the last one is Angelfall by Susan Ee. I’ve been trying to read this for a Read-A-Long that’s been going on since the 20th, but it seems like I’ve been reading every other book except for that one. I really need to finish this. I’m on Chapter 6 while a bunch of other people are either halfway done or finished. Anyway, that’s what I’m reading this Angelfall By Susan Eeweekend. Hope yours is great!


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