The Infernal Devices TV Show


  Clare     I saw this picture on Instagram and wasn’t happy. If most of y’all haven’t noticed, the majority of book to TV adaptions, are wayyyyy off. Some examples would be Game of Thrones, True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, The Lying Game, and more. With all of these shows, they are so far off book, that there is absolutely no need to read the books, which, to be honest, ticks me off. If producers and TV show creators are going to make a book to a TV show, they should at least have the deceny to stay by the book. People tend to get lazy and not read the book. They’re all like, “There’s no need to read the book. I’ll just watch the show.” Ummmm….. Yeah. You do need to read book. Everything will make a lot more sense. The Infernal Devices is perfect as it is. There’s absolutely no need to try and make it a TV show, because the producers are going to mess it all up. It may sound harsh, but its true. They just need to leave it alone. 




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